How to Strengthen University - Community Linkage

Conducting Joint Research Based on Local Technical Needs

12 research groups or "model labs" are selected per year, each consisting of researchers and graduate students of HCMUT and partners from provinces and local communities. Each model lab receives a budget provided by JICA, which is used for conducting joint research activities the lab members propose based on local technical needs in a target province. Clarifying and acknowledging local technical needs are important in order to pursue research outcomes that are applicable and relevant to the problems faced by the provinces and local communities.

Establishing Cooperation through Visits and Exchanges of Ideas

The model labs’ partners from provinces and local communities visit HCMUT for one month to carry out joint research. See the List of Research Activities Conducted by Local Partners. It is hoped that this experience leads to technological transfer from the university to the provinces.

At the same time, the model labs maintain contact with and visit their local partners and related sites in the provinces on a regular basis. It is strongly encouraged that the model labs organize seminars and workshops in their target provinces to share their experience and research outcomes with their local partners. See the List of Seminars in Partner Provinces carried out to date. Use of the TV conference system for holding seminars, workshops and meetings is also encouraged.