RBE and Concepts

The Implementation Plan for Introducing RBE to the Master’s Program under SUPREM-HCMUT was developed and authorized in June 2009. It encourages researchers to introduce RBE as substantial research activities at HCMUT under the current situation, i.e. without drastic changes in organizational structures, name of the subjects, nor crediting systems.

The major principles to be pursued are as follows:

  • HCMUT introduces RBE to Master’s Programs.
  • The leader of a joint research group (= “model lab”) of SUPREM-HCMUT Project invites master’s students willing to pursue RBE to join his/her research project and supervises them throughout the program.
  • Master’s theses are created based on the outcomes of Joint research under SUPREM-HCMUT Project and/or other research projects, and through regular lab meetings, individual discussions and other activities.
  • Master’s students of model labs write and publish academic papers as the first author.
  • The students of model labs will be in close touch even after their graduation from the university in order to exchange information.