The project has four main focus areas: Research Based Education (RBE), University-Community Linkage, Joint Research and Patent.

1. Introducing Research Based Education (RBE)

The project aims to achieve that the master’s degree programs of HCMUT’s faculties are transformed from the current classroom-learning-based to so-called research-based education (RBE), which gives significant importance to students carrying out research activities as a part of the requirements for the completion of their degrees.

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2. Strengthening University-Community Linkage

The project focuses on establishing a stronger linkage between the university and communities in the southern part of Vietnam. It is hoped that the activities carried out and contributions made by HCMUT to promote the development of the communities are well recognized.

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3. Conducting Joint Research

12 research groups or “model labs” are selected per year, each consisting of researchers and graduate students of HCMUT and partners from provinces and local communities. Each model lab receives a budget provided by JICA, which is used for conducting joint research activities that the lab members propose based on local technical needs in a target province.

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4. Applying for Patent

The project strongly encourages the researchers of HCMUT to apply for a patent with support of the university’s R & D Project Management Office in order to utilize the intellectual property for various purposes and benefits.

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